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Chapel Grange Session Times


Full Day - 8am - 6pm

Morning - 8am - 1pm,

Afternoon - 1pm - 6pm


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'Children experience a great sense of belonging at the nursery...'

Chapel Grange Montessori was opened in October 1996 after an eight-month renovation project to restore this lovely 18th-century Victorian chapel to its former glory. The building itself was once part of the 17th century Chapel located in Chapel Lane and was used for church functions and Sunday schools, during World War II the building was used as a full-time school for evacuated children.


Chapel Grange Montessori pioneered the Montessori philosophy in Cheshire as an effective way of teaching and preparing pre-school children. Since our lead, the popularity of the Montessori philosophy has grown stronger with many of the practices now being embedded within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

There are often many misconceptions to the Montessori teaching method; however the core principal is based around encouraging our children to develop and learn through freedom of choice which stimulates and nurtures a child to become confident whilst instinctively embracing the desire to learn.  


Our trained and experienced Montessori teachers are always on hand to guide you through the learning areas of the Montessori philosophy which we are sure you will find fascinating.


Maria Montessori advocated that the formative years of our children’s lives are the most important; within these years we have the opportunity to nurture our children and set them on the best possible learning journey. Our primary aim at Chapel Grange Montessori is to make our children confident individuals who are prepared for their academic years ahead and ready to absorb and enjoy the world around them.


We would welcome the opportunity to show you around this amazing setting.